Writer, Director, Photographer

Amaurys Javier Anglero Jr.

I'm an extremely determined self starter and an incredibly easy person to get along with. My love of photography developed at a very early age and I've been honing my own style well before I began officially working freelance. As soon as I was old enough to start working at 12 I began working in home renovation and carpentry and continue honing those skills today. During my 5 years at gamestop from age 16 to 21 I always kept busy working tirelessly on one creative project after another to build up my skills and knowledge as a freelance photog/digital artist. My backlog of clients are diverse and ever satisfied, often exclaiming I was one of the most fun photographers to shoot with, which is always incredibly nice to hear since I do it for the passion of creating. Simultaneously I took on the tasks of conceptualizing content for, managing, editing and marketing my YouTube channel which I established in 2014 and uphold to this day as my digital directorial portfolio. My vast time creating skits and gameplay videos strengthened my editing and improvisational prowess. My concurrent time spent in retail taught me incredible patience and people managing skills. All of which were pieces that led me to my first feature film. In 2017 I began pre production on We Lawless Few after initial conceptualization of said IP in 2015. I re-wrote the script, created and finalized the story board, held auditions/table reads, scouted locations and designed sets as well. I began filming in Jan 2018 and wrapped up mid Feb 2018. The film was then edited by me and released in April 2018 along with promotional material/trailers also produced and edited by myself. Which led me to summer 2018 where I lived in a music/art studio in Providence and shot/edited primarily music related content, while learning a lot about music recording itself. During 2019 I lived in LA for a year of extensive networking, so as you could imagine with all that moving and work experience, I've got quite the handle on facilitating hectic plans to fruition with composure and finesse.

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